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2022-2023 August 22- June 4

Rates - Policies - Etc.

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Arabesque Studio of the Dance ~ 7989 Beltline Road Suite #176 Dallas, Texas 75248 ~ 972-233-2532

*Rehearsals are mandatory for show. Attendance is required 100% for last 2 months of classes to participate in the show. Classes need every member.

See calendar for additional dates.

Dance Year           8/19/19-5/24/20

Summer Starts           June 1

Basic Policies: see website policy page for details

-Students/Parents are obligated for entire dance year.

-Required Dance Attire for Classes- see info flyer

     (basic-black nylon leotard, revolution pink full footed tights, revolution dance shoes.)(see adult dress code)

-Class placement & placement for show at discretion of studio.

-Readiness for ballet exams at discretion of studio.

     (Level I & higher min. ballet 2x week, III & up 3x week)

     Pointe 1 requires minimum ballet 2x week, tap, turns.

     Pointe 2 requires minimum ballet 4x week, tap, turns, jazz

     Irishstyle dance requires ballet and tap to be taken at studio.

     Angels, see requirements.

-NO refunds, credits, exchanges, or transfers.

-Tuition charged on 1st of each month, dates posted on calendar.

If tuition not paid 1 week of due date, past due billed $20.

Tuition rates are based on the number of lessons held during the dance season and not the number of lessons per month, even though tuition is paid each month. Payments have been divided into 9 equal monthly installments for the dance year. Holidays have been taken into account and we do not pro-rate tuition payments due to missed classes.

-If we receive a returned check, payment with cash or money order only and fee of $30.

-Absences are charged, but may be made up in current semester as long as tuition is current and there is room  in another class.

-Withdrawals from a class only within first 30 days of first class  and requires 30 day written notice.

-Private lessons for show-once a week for both semesters, taking min. 4 lessons & ballet/wk, intermediate dancer

-Dancers must be dressed according to dress code for class to attend.

-Covers-ups must be worn to and from studio.

-Fall semester is 17 wks.

-Spring semester is 19 wks class and 1 studio rehearsal.