Registration for our Studio Year Dance Session is done on a priority basis. Students who are currently enrolled with ASD get first priority and are able to register in July of this year.  New students, those who have never attend ASD get second priority and are able to register starting mid July. Our classes are very popular, and they fill up very quickly - especially for ages 2 through 11.

Tuition rates are based on the number of lessons held during the dance season and not the number of lessons per month, even though tuition is paid each month towards the dance calendar year. Payments have been divided into equal monthly installments. Holidays have been taken into account and we do not pro-rate tuition payments due to missed classes.  Dance year is 8/1/21-6/5/22. Students/Parents are obligated for entire dance year as a space has been reserved in the class for the dancer.

     Registration consists of registering online, paying registration fee and 1st months tuition.

         NO refunds, credits, exchanges, or transfers on registration, tuition, costumes, concert fees, etc.

         Absences are charged, but may be made up in current semester as long as tuition is current and there is

    room  in another class.

         Withdrawals require 30 day written notice within 1st month of lessons only, otherwise obligated for entire       dance calendar year as space has been reserved for your dancer.

Tuition is due 1st of each month. Late charge $20 each payment that is late after the 5th of month.

-Required Dance Attire for Classes- see Dress Code for details. Adherence to a dress code is an important part of a student's dance education. Along with proper classroom etiquette, following the dress code show's respect for the art of dance, the teachers, and the students themselves.

     (basic-black nylon leotard, revolution pink full footed tights, revolution dance shoes.)

           (see adult dress code)

            Dancers must be dressed according to dress code for class to attend.

            Covers-ups must be worn to and from studio.

            All dancers should have a bag to carry their shoes into the classroom. Shoes and bag should

            be clearly labeled with students first and last name on the inside of shoes.

            *** Dancers must have all dance shoes and attire for the first day of class. ***

            Hair must be fully secured back and away from the face and off of the neck at all times,

            in all classes. For ballet, hair must be secured back in a neat, secured bun.

How important is a dress code in dance class?

IIn addition to saving dance parents time and money, the dress code:

1) Helps a young dancer understand they are going to a structured class

(compared to unstructured playtime).

2) Ensures that the clothing is not a distraction during class.

3) Ensures that the dancer is appropriately dressed to be necessarily covered.

4) Ensures that each dancer has the same brand, style and color of shoes and tights for on stage performances.

5) Enables instructor to quickly assess placement and aide dancer to make corrections.

The ASD Dress Code is mandatory; however, for Costume Dress Up week, the dancers may wear whatever they choose to class as long as they can move in it.

Where do you purchase your supplies?

We have an onsite retail store. We carry brand name merchandise as well as some discontinued items of our manufacturers at reduced prices. At this time, you can order online some supplies online such as tights, shoes, bags, some accessories, etc.  To ensure you receive the correct size shoe please drop by your studio for a free shoe fitting.  We will email you a required dress code upon registration along with days to come in and get fitted prior to classes starting in August. ASD is proud to offer Revolution Dancewear® brand clothing, tights and shoes for sale among other brands such as Danskin, Bodywrappers, and Danshuz. We size you right in the store. If not in stock most items can be ordered and arrive at our door within 5 business days. Please all shoes & dancewear should have students name clearly marked on the inside of item.

Placement & Ballet Exams

Class placement & placement for show at discretion of studio. Readiness for ballet exams, pointe at discretion of studio.

     Pointe 1 requires minimum ballet 2x week, tap, turns.

           For upper levels, check with office for requirements & approval, unlimited rates apply.

     Irishstyle dance requires ballet and tap to be taken at studio, usually jazz added prior.

           Jazz requires study in ballet and tap.

     Angela’s Angels, see requirements.

Do you offer private dance instruction?

Yes, we do. See dance fees. Private lessons for extra work, coaching, pageant, talent shows, tryouts, etc. must be paid for in advance and require 24 hour cancelation.

New Classes are always being added. If you have a group of friends that are interested, please contact our office. Minimum of 5 dancers for any class.


We utilize facebook, website, and email for updates and newsletters. Please feel free to call us.

Important Dates: tentative, see calendar


Attendance on a regular basis is necessary in order for the student to receive the maximum benefit of dance classes. No tuition adjustments will be made due to absences, extended or otherwise. Please refer to our Calendar for holiday closings. Make-up lessons are available for unavoidable absences (illness, death in the family, etc) and when class cancellations are made by the studio (inclement weather, etc).

Class Scheduling

Students should arrive and be ready for class a few minutes prior to their scheduled class time. Arrive early for classes, at least 5 minutes to be on time. Each class will be dismissed about 3-5 minutes prior to the end of each class hour to facilitate a smooth transition between classes. Under no circumstances should a child arrive or be left waiting more than 10 minutes before or after her class. Students arriving to class after their warm-up period may be required to observe that day for their own safety.

Classroom Behavior

For the safety of our students, no gum is allowed in any of our classes. No eating is allowed during classes as well. If you must eat before class, please do so in the front of studio on the bench and discard any trash. Cell phones off or on vibrate in the studio or lobby. We do expect respect and proper behavior at all times and reserve the right to dismiss any student that upsets the harmony of class(es).

Inclement Weather

We follow tend to be open as most bad days ease up by afternoon. If we need to cancel classes, you will notified bye email, on facebook, as well as recording on phone line. If you have questions please call the office after 10am.

Siblings must be supervised in the lobby area.


Trophies are presented at the Spring Concert to those that have taken and passed their ballet examinations during the year.  5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 year awards are also presented to those dancers that have taken dance every year for the full dance calendar years consecutively(not including summer) and attend 75% of classes.

For More Info

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