Angela’s Angels

"To entertain and share with others our God given talents."

Angela's Angels, a community service group of Arabesque dancers, was formed in 2002 to enrich the lives of residents through the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex as well as provide more performance opportunities for our dancers to perfect their skills. Programs are formed by small troupes of Arabesque volunteers. Past troupes have visited shopping centers, nursing homes, senior residences, and community organizations such as Lions Club. They have performed for USS Anzio Veterans Reunion, DFW USO Volunteers Appreciation Party, Children’s Cancer Fundraiser Luncheon,  The Colony/Carrollton’s Relay For lLife and their very own Christmas show for our young clients. For information on supporting Angela's Angels, please contact the Arabesque Studio.

They have been featured on Clarice Tinsley’s Home Town Heroes, Dee Taylor’s Sizzling TV show as well as The Children’s Cancer Fundraiser Luncheon. In 2011, they raised money for flipflops and T-shirts to be sent to soldiers in the hospitals overseas. In 2012, funds raised went to DFW USO.

The studio also regularly donates used dance shoes to a local Boys and Girls Club so the children have dance shoes for classes there. Last year the Angels put on a Christmas performance for our clients and friends to donate toys for the Toys for Tots and food to a local food bank. We were also able to assist a fellow dance teacher devastated in Joplin, MO by the Tornado that hit them in May. The dance studio there was wiped out. But with donations from our studio and other studios around the country, they were able to hold classes this past summer and again this fall in another temporary location while they rebuild. A big thank you to all our clients that helped out and donated items to all these wonderful causes!

Tryouts: May & June following the end of the season. Will it be you? Are you interested in becoming part of Arabesque’s Angela’s Angels, a Performing Dance Company? If you have some questions, please contact the office. This is a wonderful exciting opportunity for your dancer. If your dancers chooses to try out, then there were will be certain commitments for each level. We recommend you take summer classes to keep up your skills. We are very excited about next year and some new things in the works.


    Micro mini angels ~4-6 yrs of age, take 1-2 hours of dance per week + rehearsal class

    Mini angels ~6-8 yrs of age, take 2+ hours of dance per week + rehearsal class

    Junior angels ~9+ yrs of age, take ballet tap and jazz  turns about 3-6 hrs per week + rehearsal class

    Elite angels ~Jr Angels, take everything  are at unlimited hrs per week + rehearsal class, by invitation.

    Placement based on age, level of ability, and class placement.

What are the Benefits:

     Increase their self-esteem, self-discipline

           Learning what it means to be part of a team

     Improve their performance skills- the smile, the stage presence

     Improve their ability to learn new routines quickly

Strive to perfect their dance routines

     Opportunities for dancers to perform as a solo, duo, trio, etc.

     Learn about giving and sharing their talent with others

           Jr and elite also compete in 1-2 events per year.

For More Info

Arabesque Studio of the Dance ~ 7989 Beltline Road Suite #176 Dallas, Texas 75248 ~ 972-233-2532