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Covid Protocals

Safety measures new this year!

The studio will be cleaned daily with extra precaution toward commonly touched surfaces. Barres, doorknobs, etc. We have installed touchless faucets and touchless hand sanitizers. Floors are cleaned daily and have had a special anti-microbial surface product applied every 2-3 months.

MERV 13 air purification filters have been installed along with a special in unit air supply purifying device; Air purifiers are also in each room.

Masks are required for teachers and students. A reception shield has been placed in the lobby as well.

Students will be asked to stay 6' apart and not touch each other.  There are places marked on the floor 6' apart for their shoes or water bottle or barre sleeve. Floors and barres are also marked with spacing as well throughtout the rooms.

Only students dancing will be allowed in the studio. The fewer bodies in the studio/lobby at one time the better. Dressing areas are closed. Dancers need to bring their barre sleeve to class with them and a yoga mat if needed for that particular class.

Temperatures are taken before entering dance room. Dancers apply hand sanitizer at the stations upon entering and exiting. If your dancer is not feeling well, please participate in zoom instead.

Parents should drop off at the front door 5 minutes prior to class; there are places marked with 6' spacing outside the studio as well. Parents please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to class ending for pickup.