Frequently Asked Questions

Dance Attire

ALL DANCE GEAR AND ATTIRE IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE THROUGH THE STUDIO. PLEASE CONTACT US OR COME BY FOR PURCHASE INFO. We have special requirements for different classes. The dress code permits the faculty to evaluate and correct student alignment and body extension. The dress code creates a sense of group identity and eliminates the need for students to compete with each other through attire. Some classes require hair to be placed in a pony tail or bun. Students may not wear extra layers, as they obstruct the view of proper placement of the body. Attire is available for sale to non-students as well. We carry Danskin, Body Wrappers, Revolution, Dasha, Horizon Dance Bags, PonyBuns, etc. Dancers must wear cover-ups to and from class.


Arabesque hosts an annual SPRING CONCERT at SMU's McFarlin Auditorium. Participation is optional but encouraged. By participating, students showcase the skills they have learned and practiced while experiencing a stage performance. Stage performances encourage our dancers to reach learning goals by perfecting their routines. Costume(s) and concert fees are due in the fall semester.

Arabesque is also proud to offer master classes with guest artists and choreographers as well as dance seminars, conventions, examinations, and competitions. Additionally, the Arabesque Studio hosts a Halloween Dress-Up Week, Christmas Holiday Open House for Parents, Christmas Performance by Angela’s Angels for dancers, Family Portrait Day, Costume Photo Day, Action Picture Opportunities, Angela's Angels Events, Community Parade Participation, Competitions, Seminars/Conventions, Group Production Classes, and Spring Open House for Parents.

Award Ceremonies

Arabesque represents students in voluntary dance examinations (Ballet, Pointe, Tap, and Jazz). Award ceremonies are held at the end of the year. Trophies are also awarded to dancers who have completed 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 consecutive years at the studio. In recognition of specific skills accomplished by our dancers, ribbons are awarded periodically. Additional recognition goes out to graduating seniors.

FAQ: What to look for in a dance studio?

1 - Experienced teachers that know how to teach, breaking down the steps for dancers while making it fun. The director and associate director, alone, have been teaching dance most of their lives,  aver 90 yrs combined. Learning is fun! And we love sharing what dance has to offer all dancers young and old. You are never to old to dance or learn to dance. Dance is a fun way to improve balance, coordination, posture, and rhythm.

2 - Strong ballet program-A strong ballet program brings proper technique training to the dancers. A proper foundation in ballet is important for all types of dance-even helps cheerleaders, drill team dancers, musical theater, ice skaters, gymnasts, and sports players.

3 - Established studio with a good reputation. We have been in Dallas for over 40 years, teaching 2nd and 3rd generations. We are a family owned and run business. Yes, a business too. We like to think of it as 1 big extended family, though. We still have contact with many of our students and teachers over the years and across the country. We keep you updated with emails, newsletters, facebook, etc. All of our music, costumes, and dance moves are age appropriate and designed for a family show experience.

4 - Up to date with the latest trends in dance yet maintaining proper technique and training in all classes. We attend seminars 2-4 per year, constantly learning and adding new ideas, and technology to inspire and motivate all ages.

5 - Smaller sized classes for more individual attention. All of our classes are smaller than most. And classes that approach the larger size for us, usually have assistants. We have a better connection among our students and parents that way. We are about quality over quantity. Our small class sizes promote camaraderie among dancers and instructors, nurturing the teaching-learning process, and allowing ample space for movement of dancer.

6 - Systematic graded levels of classes. Each level has certain steps, skills, and terminology to be mastered.  So, you know that your child will learn and progress. We teach the Cecchetti Method for ballet and pointe, along with Gilbert for Tap and Jazz. From time to time, we hand out diagrams, notes, and other aides for learning.

7 - Performance opportunities. Not only do we have the year end show at SMU, but we have a community service group called Angela’s Angels that shares their talent with others. And our older Angels are offered the opportunity to perfect their dance skills in these venues as well as in a few competitions.

8 - All ages: from as young as 2 year olds to Sizzling Seniors. You are never too young or wise to learn to dance! For the dancer looking for fun and exercise to the more serious dancer, there are classes for all.

9 - Caring staff that have dedicated their life to be being the best instructors they can be. Dance instructors of the highest caliber accompanied by trained assistants and demonstrators. These educators act as both role models and teachers.

10 - Dance Retail Store on site saves you time and gas searching for the required attire. Apparel is fitted correctly by people who know how they should fit according to each dancer. We have quality items and  competitive prices making sure you get the right items for the specific classes.

FAQ: What is an Arabesque?

It is basically a French word meaning a dance pose in straight balanced lines while standing on 1 foot. It is also a perfume as well as an architectural term.

FAQ: When do you offer classes?

Classes are available in the afternoons, evenings, Saturday mornings, and by appointment. If you have 5 more interested in a particular style of dance or time, we will do our best to find a time convenient to hold a group class. The same goes for private or semi-private instruction.

FAQ: Are friends and family members allowed to observe classes?

Relatives and friends may visit during visitation weeks only (one week in the Spring and one in the Fall). Other opportunities may be arranged with prior approval from the director. Please remember that non-students can be counter productive during class instruction as well as the dancer has paid for that instruction time.

FAQ: How much does it cost to take lessons at the Arabesque Studio and when are my fees due?

Prices start at $60 per month per lesson and increase based on frequency and instruction time. Dance courses are also available at flat rates. Please check our rates page for the current Arabesque fee chart. Tuition is due before the first lesson of the month (see studio calendar) and based on 9 monthly payments for the dance year. We charge a $20 late fee for late payments after the due date, no exceptions.

FAQ: Are classes available during holidays?

Please check the studio's calendar for holidays and vacations. There are no classes Monday, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Break, Richardson ISD Spring Break, Memorial Day

FAQ: What is the policy for bad weather?

If there is any cancelation, we will notify you via email, facebook, and message on our machine by 2pm. Classes can be made up in a level under class or another scheduled class at the discretion of the instructor.

FAQ: How can I register for classes?

Call the office at 972.233.2532 for an appointment or come by during studio hours to register. You will need to:

1-go online, set up account

2-check box for rate, policies form

3-register for classes

4-pay tuition & registration fee

Call us if you need any help in this process or you can come in and register online at the studio.

Call for placement and schedule as we do not post it online. We do this for the safety of all our dancers, children and adults, and proper placement of each and every dancer.

FAQ: What is the refund policy?

The Arabesque Studio does not issue refunds, credits, exchanges, or transfers. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.

FAQ: What is the policy for absences or withdrawals?

After joining the studio, students are obligated for the entire dance calendar year August - May. Withdrawals require 30 days written notice within first month of registration only. Absences are charged, but may be made up in the current semester as long as tuition is current and class space is available in same level or lower. All made up sessions must be reserved in advance (please call before coming in, you will be able to take care of scheduling makeups online soon).

FAQ: Do you offer off-campus PE?

Yes, and we administer this for free. Dancers are taking unlimited. Check with your school for requirements. Each 6 weeks, schools will contact the ASD office for confirmation the student is attending classes as required, and some districts may even show up at the studio at random to check in on dancers.

FAQ: Does your staff stay up with the latest in dance?

We attend 4+ seminars during the year to stay up on the latest trends and new ideas as well as attend seminars in business, dance retail expos, along subscription to dance related items. We are constantly learning and growing ourselves. We are also training others for their certifications in dance.

FAQ: Where do I purchase dance supplies and what do I need?

We have a retail store onsite for basic dance needs. You’ll find our products far superior, with
a more accurate fit, and competitive prices. As long-time dance professionals, we know how dance shoes are supposed to fit and which products are best. Revolution products come with a 100% quality guarantee. Features like adjustable straps and flexible fabrics help to accommodate growth. Revolution only sells to dance studios. They believe teachers are best equipped to properly fit students. A uniform dress code helps keep distractions to a minimum, instills discipline, and keeps everyone looking and feeling professional. By ordering only what we need, we’re able to keep prices low. Most orders ship very quickly so you’ll have it fast. You can find out what your dancer needs under each type of class description.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions! We also offer a monthly newsletter containing up to date information and studio news.

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