Why Choose Dance?

Why Choose Dance for Your Child?

Studies show that a structured dance program can help to enhance a student's academic achievement.  At ASD, we believe that a solid dance education can also inspire good work habits and healthy lifestyle choices.  Our dancers have the chance to develop and nurture a lifelong passion for the arts while having fun!  Other benefits that can be obtained through dance include:

Physical Growth:

Improved balance and coordination

Improved and correct posture and alignment

Strength, stamina, better balance, and flexibility

Improves ones cardio

Dance on a regular basis improves ones health

Learn more about your body and how it works.

Athleticism and Kinesthetic awareness

Intellectual Growth:

Enhanced Critical thinking skills

Enhanced Problem solving skills

Time management skills

Concentration and focus


Emotional Growth:

A boost in confidence

Value of commitment

Increased determination and self respect

True joy and excitement

Improved manners and social skills

Respect for others

Develop a sense of community within the class

Meet people for all walks of life, learning about different cultures

Develop leadership and team building skills

Artistic Appreciation:

Enhanced creativity

Enhanced self expression

Stronger communication skills having to dance and learn with others


It is Fun and Enjoyable too! The goal is to learn a little and enjoy the experience, initially, rather than to train up a professional dancer.

Dancing is fun and healthy, a dozen other advantages of dancing:

It builds self-confidence;

2. It enhances physical grace;

3. It attracts new friends;

4. It gives families a mutual activity;  

5. It encourages the love of music;

6. It releases the shy person in us to show off;

7. It stimulates our mind and body;

8. It allows us to touch the opposite sex in an acceptable way;

9. It creates envy and admiration in our friends and on-lookers;

10. It costs less money than most other activities; and

11. It permits us to learn and practice in the privacy of our home if desired.

12. It's primarily about health and fighting obesity through dancing.

Dance Etiquette

1. Dancers need to be respectful of themselves, other dance members, and staff; if not, they may be asked to leave.

2. Class Placement is at the director’s discretion

Arrive on time.