Happy Thanksgiving to you both! I am so blessed to be a part of your legacy and thankful for your instruction, care, and invaluable guidance. Every week I leave your studio with renewed confidence about myself and such a great feeling! You have taught me that it doesn’t matter how old you are, that life itself is a dance and we all learn as we go. May you two be blessed abundantly this holiday season!

My Regards,

~Amber McInnish 11/2014



I just wanted to take some time to thank you for all of the kindness and care you and your mom have shown Luby.  She just loves the two of you and dancing is in her soul because of you.  As far as the H. family is concerned, You and Wanda are the Angels."

-Timothy H.

"I've looked for years for a studio with adult evening classes. Finally found it!"

-Tina B.


You, Ms. Wanda and all the Angels looked great yesterday!! They were smiling, in step and very uniformed. I am very proud." (St. Patrick's Day Parade)


Kelly Taylor

"Ya'll have one of the best adult programs around town. You know how to teach and inspire others."

~Billy L.

“Dancing with the Stars: Arabesque offers a wide variety of dance and Pilates classes for dancers of all ages and skill. Four years ago, I put my ballet slippers on for the first time since childhood and have enjoyed every class. The ballet classes use the Cecchetti classical method, so each person- adult or child- dances at their skill level and is personally challenged to grow and achieve in an encouraging and professional environment. The tap classes are energetic. The Pilates classes provide visible results. The adult dancers are supportive of each other and look forward to the beginning of each new dance year. The studio is owned by two experienced and talented women that are outstanding role models for all of the young people and young at heart. Each year culminates in a well produced show for all dancers. It is great fun to watch the young people grow and the adults enjoy the spotlight!

~Leah M.

“The owner was wonderful and had so many beautiful outfits for ½ the price. She was kind enough to even recommend a size larger because of the material. It was a wonderful experience.  So if you want a helpful person, great selection of clothing, and better prices try Arabesque”


Great place to dance! I am very satisfied with the organization of this studio. This is a good place to take your children for quality dance lessons. Not only do they teach dance but they also teach life lessons. They put on very professional recitals every spring. They accept children at 2-1/2 years of age for their Creative Movements classes. Our daughter has been attending for 7 years now!

~Kirsten Radford, from Insider

“I am absolutely in love with this Dance Studio. The adult tap classes have been a lot of fun and I learn a lot too. If you are ever wanting to lose weight without feeling like you are working out and have fun too, give tap a try.

~Amber McInnish 11/10

The remarkable quality of my life, is without a doubt, directly related to the exercise and encouragement that I receive from taking and teaching classes at Arabesque. Thank you Arabesque. Dancing keeps me happy and feeling young at heart.

~ Miss Paula

We hope you and Miss Wanda will have a very Merry Christmas and that our 2011 will be full of abundance and joy for everyone!!! Thank you so much for all you do to teach and inspire our Madeleine.  You at Arabesque--and dance--are an integral and cherished part of our lives!

       KAREN 1/11

I wanted to thank you for everything you have taught me and I am so glad I started dancing at Arabesque. I am going to continue taking ballet at the University next year, but I will greatly miss taking classes with you.

Thanks for everything,

Maura Finch 6/11

Thank you for your wonderful practice sessions. Your positive teaching skills are so helpful and fun! I learned a lot and had a great time. I look forward to seeing you and your Mom.


Marianne Griffin(Contestant MTSA) 7/11

Hi, Angela…..thank you for all you did to help me prepare for the pageant. You are a blessing, example, and inspiration for all of us. I am still pinching myself…..and praising God from whom all blessings truly flow. This pageant is a life-changing experience for me. I will always be grateful.

Also, thank Ms. Wanda for her love, prayers, and support. She was such a blessing like her beautiful and talented daughter.

Sincerely Yours,

Jo Anne McMeans (Contestant MTSA) 8/11

Dancing at Arabesque gave me a goal to work towards. I am proud of my improvements and the exams that I have passed. The more you try, the more you can learn. Thanks for nurturing my love for dancing, Arabesque.

~Maddie Cline 8/11

Some of our Ballroom Clients:




I was a dance student at Arabesque for over 10 years. My mom enrolled me when I was 3 years old in tap, ballet and jazz. The experience of dancing with this studio has changed my life for the better and forever. It's more than just a dance studio.

Ms Wanda and Ms Angela are very unique and special people. Ms Wanda taught me when I was younger and Ms Angela taught me when I was older. Ms Wanda, I think is magic. She is the most beautiful, graceful woman I believe I have ever met. With each dance step I learned, she also taught me how to be graceful, poised and confident as a young lady. These skills I have called on in my adult life for preparation in job interviews, meeting with clients and relationships with my friends and family.

Ms Angela, with each dance step taught me how to take care of and nurture my skin and body as a teenager: Brush your hair from the bottom to avoid split ends, wash your face twice a day and file your nails, and wear tasteful makeup. These skills have been worked into my daily routine for my whole life. She also provided constant encouragement as I entered into more advanced dance classes and learned harder dance steps: Switch leaps and triple pirouettes.

I also earned trophies preparing for dance exams, learning the names of dance steps and how to preform them. Preparing for dance exams helped me learn how to study for classes in school, college and graduate school. Also helped me to understand the importance of learning the basics to any task before moving on to the next. As I moved through levels of tap, ballet and jazz, I had a strong foundation of knowledge and technique to help me.

This studio, is dance, but much more than that. It's a place young people can go to feel accepted, like they belong, learn self confidence and grace, make life long friends and let's not forget, just have good old fashion fun performing and learning to dance and express yourself through movement. I would recommend Arabesque Studio of the Dance to any parent who wants to know that they are giving there children the gift of dance and skills sets and confidence to last a life time!

~Leslie Clements 9/11

                                                                                                   On her wedding day!

                At 4 yrs

                                                    At 14 yrs

  Ana & Aaron Hatchel

Video Testimonials on their way!

For more Info

Arabesque Studio of the Dance ~ 7989 Beltline Road Suite #176 Dallas, Texas 75248 ~ 972-233-2532

Angela Ingels at Arabesque was a wonderful instructor for ballroom classes.  My husband and I took classes before our wedding so that we could relax and enjoy our 1st dance at our reception.   We would highly recommend this class. ~ Becky

Dan & Becky Thomas

Austin and I knew that the first dance was going to be a special and intimate moment and were terrified of making a fool out of ourselves on the dance floor. Angela worked with us and worked around our crazy schedules to make this dance memorable. All of our guests were stunned that we didn't just get out on the dance floor and sway, Angela made us into real ballroom dancers. The skills we learned not only helped us for our own wedding, but also for any future events and weddings that have a dance floor!

~Audrey Sleeper 11/11